We are open from 7pm-10:30pm! As long as you are in the parking lot by 10:30, you’ve made the cut!

What are your hours?

Of course, their tender meat is far easier to digest. We kid. … eh you see what we did there? …. Honestly we don’t recommend anyone see what we’re doing in here, regardless of age. If you must come however we do have a KID FRIENDLY NECKLACE this necklace will keep the beasts away and help you have a lower scare, high fun time celebrating the harvest season! For more info visit our ticket page.

Are kids allowed?

Costumes - Not on normal nights, however stay tuned on our facebook/social media pages as we may have an impromptu costume contest on-site.

Pictures/Video - No photography of any sort is allowed in the attraction. However, we will have plenty of photo opportunities outside the haunt with our roaming monsters!

Touching - You may NOT touch our staff/actors or props. If you purchase the Ultimate Experience ticket option we will grab you and you may be thrown around. However, light touching for scare purposes is inevitable.

Groups - We like to keep our group sizes from 4-8 people.

Alcohol/Drugs - No drinking alcohol or any form of drug substance is allowed.

Smoking - Tobacco is allowed on property, but strictly prohibited inside our attraction(s)

*Disclaimer: If you are caught breaking any of these Hexed rules you may be kicked off the property, if you had already purchased a ticket you will NOT be given a refund.

What is or is NOT allowed?

There are emergency exits throughout the haunt in case of fire, panic attack, or just being plain sissy. In any case, notify an actor with our safe phrase “Kill Me Now” and you will be escorted out safely by staff. No refunds will be given if you cannot make it through.

What if i want to leave halfway thru the haunt?

Expect to re-live your worst nightmares. This house was built to terrify any soul brave enough to walk inside. You can expect heavy fog, light touches, loud screams, flashing lights, scenes of pure horror, and much more, but of course we don’t want to scare you before you even get here.

What should I expect?

Weather permitting, absolutely! We are located on a farm so we are prone to flooding, mud, and high winds. If we are open on a rain day please make sure to wear shoes and clothes you do not mind getting dirty. Please check into our social media pages or give us a call, 5540-998-3327, if you are unsure.

Are you open in the rain?

Our goal is to celebrate the harvest season! We do so by scaring the heads off our patrons! There are surprises around every corner to insure you get the most terrifying experience possible. We want to everyone who exits the house to be either be crying, screaming, or laughing – all wanting to go through again. Come see why Hexed is Virginia’s Most Terrifying Haunted House!

What is your goal?

Yes! Parking is $5, CASH ONLY!

Is there parking?